Chocolate May Be Good for Your Teeth

Yes, you read that right and I know what you are thinking. There’s no way chocolate can be good for your teeth. It tastes way too good. Well, you’ll be surprised.

Now, I’m not talking about just any kind of chocolate. I’m talking about dark chocolate.

Recent studies have shown that dark chocolate is effective in fighting plaque and tooth decay in your mouth. Meaning, it can actually help prevent cavities!

In fact, researchers think that the compound found in chocolate, called CBH, will eventually be used in mouthwashes and in toothpaste because of how effective it is.

So, why does chocolate get so much hate? If it is so good for you, shouldn’t all doctors be promoting it?

Well, too be fair, chocolate isn’t all that good for you. But, it’s not necessarily the chocolate that is bad for you, it’s the sugar.

Most of the chocolate we eat, specifically milk chocolate, is loaded with sugar. This is what causes tooth decay because the bacteria in your mouth turns the sugar into acids. These acids in turn eat away at your tooth’s surfaces (your enamel) and eventually cause cavities.

This is why you should stick with dark chocolate if you want to benefit your teeth. Not only does dark chocolate have less sugar, it is also more concentrated than milk chocolate, meaning it has more compounds that can fight against tooth decay.

Does this mean you should only eat dark chocolate from now on? That is up to you. I love milk chocolate and I still plan on eating it.

But, just like anything else you are eating, remember to keep it in moderation.

Sources: Ask the Dentist, Redmond Dental Group

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