4 Ways You Can Make Your Coffee Healthier

Coffee has become very popular in our culture. So much so that I feel like it is almost impossible to go somewhere nowadays and not see a cup of coffee.

I’m not saying that seeing coffee everywhere annoys me, I just find it interesting how so many people rely on it.

I don’t drink coffee, but that is just a personal choice. I’m not here to tell you that drinking coffee is bad or to give you alternative options (that is for a different post). I’m simply going to give you some tips to make your everyday cup of coffee a little healthier:

Use Less Sugar

Let’s face it. Unless you have gotten used to it, coffee doesn’t taste great. And I’m putting that nicely.

A lot of people try to counteract the bitter taste of coffee by adding sugar. I’m not talking about a little bit of sugar either. I’ve seen people add 4-5 teaspoons of sugar in their coffee and still not be satisfied.

If you get your coffee from Starbucks, chances are it won’t be good for you either. One 16 oz pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks has 50 grams of sugar. That is equivalent to 12 teaspoons!

Consuming this much sugar on a regular basis is not healthy and can lead to some negative effects to both your oral and general health.

And if you are one of those people that likes their coffee with no added sweeteners, props to you!

Add Milk

Adding milk or half and half to your coffee is a great way to improve the taste without the negative side effects of adding sugar.

Not only that, adding milk to your coffee can help prevent stains on your teeth. This is because milk lightens the color of the coffee and can give your teeth protection from the staining agents in coffee.

Avoid Sipping Throughout The Day

If your coffee contains sugar, this tip can go a long way towards directly improving your oral health.

As you drink your coffee, you are feeding bacteria in your mouth that love feasting on sugar. These bacteria in turn release acids, which can lead to the formation of cavities.

By sipping coffee throughout the day, these bacteria in your mouth are constantly being exposed sugars and your saliva has little time to neutralize the acids that are being released. Meaning, you are increasing your risk of tooth decay.

I’m not saying you have to chug your coffee all at once. But, you should keep this in mind as you drink.

Rinse With Water

Going off of what I said above, rinsing your mouth with water after drinking coffee can be a useful way to get rid of any residues that are stuck on your teeth, especially if you find yourself sipping throughout the day.

Not only can this help prevent cavities (as you are reducing the amount of sugar exposed to cavity causing bacteria), it can help prevent staining as well!


Dental Secrets is providing this information for informational purposes only. Please consult a dentist or health advisor for questions. These materials are intended, but not promised or guaranteed to be current, complete or up to date. What I write is my opinion and is not meant to be any sort of health or dental advice.

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