Lines You Can Use to Impress a Dentist on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is almost here. Do you know your valentine yet? If you have your eyes on a dentist and need help, don’t worry. We are here for you.

Here are some lines you can use to impress someone in the dental field this valentine’s day.

“You have nice embrasures”

One of the things we are taught in dental school is how to make information simpler for patients to understand. This is because a lot of times what goes on through a dentist’s head is complete gibberish to the average person.

If you are trying to make a dentist your valentine this year, you probably thought about commenting on their smile, right? Well, it may not be a bad idea to try using some of their language.

Saying someone has nice embrasures could be considered the mother of all compliments to someone in the dental field. And to a dentist, this goes way beyond saying “You have a nice smile.”

What are embrasures? Embrasures are basically v-shaped spaces that are between each of your teeth. You may not think these are a big deal, but they are something dentists look for to have proper esthetics.

If you are checking your teeth in a mirror and are still confused, that is okay. Just know dentists like them.

Most people tend to overlook these features. But dentists? These are probably one of the first things they notice when people smile.

Keep in mind that if you think the other person’s smile is atrocious, you should probably steer clear of commenting on this.

“I Floss”

I’m not saying to run up to someone and blurt this out as the first thing you say. That’s weird.

Instead, find a way to casually mention this in a conversation. A dentist will take note (and be impressed).

And don’t think about saying this if you don’t actually floss. You may think you are slick but a dentist will most likely be able to tell if you are lying.

“I Brush Twice a Day”

Similar to above, this shouldn’t be the first thing you say.

But, if you find a way to mention this in a conversation, this is another way to impress a dentist.

“I Just Scheduled My Dentist Appointment”

If there is one thing dentists like, it is people who take their oral health seriously.

And what better way to show that than by being proactive and scheduling your appointment well in advance?


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