Should You Help Take Out a Child’s Baby Tooth?

Baby teeth are pretty cool. Not only are they shaped differently than permanent teeth, they actually end up falling out of your mouth. Pretty crazy right? And since you know they are going to fall out eventually, is it a good idea to give them a little help when they seem a little loose?

I’m sure we have all seen those videos of a parent tying one end of a string to a doorknob and the other end to a child’s tooth and slamming the door shut in an effort to help yank out a loose baby tooth. (That may sound more brutal than it actually is). Some of you may have even experienced this as well.

But, just because there are videos of people doing it doesn’t make it right or let alone safe. According to the American Dental Association, you should first see if a child is receptive to it. If the child is eager to lose his/her tooth, then a little help could be given. Otherwise, you should leave the tooth as is.

One way the ADA recommends helping a child’s tooth fall out is to take a tissue, put it over a child’s tooth and gently squeeze it. The tooth should fall out right away. Keep in mind that this method is a lot less intense than yanking a tooth out with a doorknob. Using this method could cause to damage to the gums and lead to an infection

Remember, if you are unsure about anything, it is always best to ask your dentist beforehand!


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