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Man eating sugary foods that may cause a cavity.

How Do You Get Cavities?

There are so many different ways cavities can form in your mouth. And it is different for everyone. What causes a cavity in one person may not cause any problems in...
dental chair with dental instruments

Do You Really Need Dental X-rays?

It is pretty understandable why some people try to avoid getting dental x-rays. I know some people who claim they are just a scam and a way for dentists to make...
Chewing gum

3 Things to Look for Next Time You Buy Chewing Gum

Buying chewing gum isn't complicated. But, if you want to make the most out of your next purchase, there are a few things you should keep an eye out for: An ADA...
Person with bottle of coke.

3 Ways You Can Make Sugary Drinks Better For Your Teeth

Let's face it. Everyone has something they might call a bad habit. For some people that could mean going on a spending spree at the mall. And for others that means...
People drinking coffee

4 Ways You Can Make Your Coffee Better for Your Teeth

Coffee has become very popular in our culture. So much so that I feel like it is almost impossible to go somewhere nowadays and not see a cup of coffee. I'm...

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