3 Ways You Can Make Sugary Drinks Better For Your Teeth

Let’s face it. Everyone has something they might call a bad habit. For some people that could mean going on a spending spree at the mall. And for others that means starting a new TV show when they are already behind on their work. But, for this post we are focusing on people that love sweetened beverages.

It’s no surprise why people love soft drinks. Aside from the fact that they are bad for you and they might make you feel like crap afterwards, they are delicious.

So, here are 3 tips you should keep in mind next time you cant resist sipping on your favorite beverage!

1. Drink With Meals

That’s right, it is actually better for your mouth if you have your soda with a meal!

Why is that?

There are bacteria in your mouth that love feasting on sugars. In return, they secrete acids that can lead to tooth decay.

As you eat, the saliva in your mouth naturally increases. This helps cancel out any acids and wash away sugar that is sticking to your teeth.

So, if you consume your soda with a meal, these bacteria have less of a chance of causing cavities.

2. Rinse With Water After

This tip is super simple but it can go a long way. A simple swish with water after sipping on soda can help prevent stains and wash away some of the sugar that is sticking to your teeth.

Keep in mind that people might make fun of you if they catch you doing this. But you can laugh at them later when you find out they have a cavity.

3. Don’t Sip Throughout the Day

You may think you are helping by only sipping on a little bit of soda at a time. But, you are actually doing the opposite.

The fact is, the more time sugar spends on your teeth, the higher chance you have of getting decay. And the more you sip on your drinks, the more time they are spending in your mouth.

So, would it be better to just chug your soda in one sitting? Yes. But, that probably isn’t the best idea. Instead, just keep this in mind as you drink your beverages and remember the less sipping the better!


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