4 Things to Keep in Mind for Halloween


Halloween is almost here, which means a lot of free candy for everyone! But, there are some things you should keep in mind to prevent any dental problems.

1. Timing is Important

According to the American Dental Association, saliva production increases with meals. So, if you are planning on eating candy, it is best to do it with or shortly after meals. The saliva will help cancel out acids and rinse away any food particles in your mouth.

2. Some Candies Are Worse Than Others

Not all candy is the same. Some candies are sticky, some are hard and some are soft.

The ADA recommends that you avoid sticky and hard candy as these can stick to your teeth and spend a long time in your mouth. And this can increase your risk for tooth decay.

So if you are debating between eating gummy bears and a chocolate bar, I would go with the chocolate bar!

Water is Your Friend

The ADA says that drinking sugary beverages increases the risk of tooth decay. Combine this with all the sugary snacks you get on halloween, and it doesn’t look good for your mouth.

Instead, the ADA recommends drinking fluoridated water, which can help prevent tooth decay.

Avoid Snacking

According to the ADA, snacking can increase your risk of cavities. And it is a lot worse if all of your snacks come out of the candy bowl.

Do you have any tips for this halloween? Leave them in the comments!

Source: American Dental Association


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