Why Flossing Is so Important


For most people, brushing isn’t an issue and they don’t have a problem doing it every day. But, when it comes to flossing, things seem to change. A lot of people think their teeth look fine in the mirror, so they assume they don’t need to floss. So, what makes flossing so important?

According to Dr. Mark Burhenne from Ask the Dentist, even if you can’t see anything between your teeth, bacteria are still there and these are the spots where your toothbrush can’t reach.

So, for those of you who skip flossing because your teeth look fine in the mirror, remember that colonies of bacteria are reproducing on the sides of your teeth.

But What’s Wrong With Bacteria?

As these bacteria reproduce, they eventually develop into plaque. And according to the American Dental Association, tooth decay and gum disease can develop as plaque is allowed to build up.

You may even end up losing your teeth! According to Dr. Burhenne, your body recognizes a buildup of bacteria as an invasion. In return, your body responds by breaking down the fibers and collagen responsible for keeping your teeth in your mouth, causing your teeth to get loose and fall out.

But, proper oral hygiene, which includes flossing, has been shown to effectively remove plaque.

In other words, by simply spending 1-2 minutes flossing every day, you can help prevent loads of troubles down the road.

I think that is worth it!

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