Hey there! My name is Amanpreet Singh. I am the founder of Dental Secrets and I am currently in my second year at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

Growing up, I really wanted to become a medical doctor. So much so that I didn’t consider any other field a possibility for me to go into. I had this attitude for a while, and it didn’t change until I took a career aptitude test in high school. The test was supposed to decide which career would be best for me based on my interests. But, I already knew I wanted to be a doctor, so I purposely answered the questions to show that my interests were aligned with this. Even if I liked a topic, I would say that I was uninterested in it if it didn’t relate to being a doctor.

As soon as I saw the results, I knew I was making a mistake. A doctor wasn’t just the best fit for me, it was the only fit for me. Out of the hundreds of potential career choices, a doctor was the only one that the test generated as a possible career for me. I was limiting myself to only one path for the rest of my life without even knowing what else was out there.

Seeing these results on paper really opened my eyes. I realized I didn’t actually want to be a doctor, I was just trying to please my parents. They always wanted me to be a doctor and I didn’t want to disappoint them by showing interest in other topics. Don’t get me wrong, my parents have done a lot for me and I wouldn’t be close to where I am now without their support. But, this test allowed me to look at other fields in a different way and it eventually led to my interest in dentistry.

I created this blog so that I could share my passion in dentistry and health with others. If you like any of my posts, please feel free to share it with your friends!