How You Can Get Rid of Your Nail Biting Habit

When it comes to pointing out why people bite their nails, it can be pretty difficult. There are a variety of reasons that cause people to develop a nail biting habit and most people won’t even realize it as it is happening.

How I Started

Take me for instance. I used to bite my nails a lot and I still remember how I started. I had just started high school and I was watching a TV show in which one of the characters loved to bite her nails. My curiosity got the best of me so I decided to try biting one of my own nails to see what it felt like. But, my nails were too hard, so I gave up. Little did I know, that would lead to me developing a nail biting habit for six years!

I started biting my nails any time I had to study for a test, listen to a teacher, watch a movie, etc. Basically any time my mind was on something else, I would start chewing on my nails. And, I never even realized I was doing it until I chewed at least half of my fingernails off. I didn’t even have to use a nail cutter for my fingernails anymore because they never grew long enough. Over time, my nails became softer and softer, making it easier to bite them off.

I never knew why I was doing it. All I knew was that I wanted to stop, but I didn’t know how.

How I Stopped

It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college when I quit my habit. But, the way I quit probably wasn’t the traditional way people stop biting their nails. In fact, the way i quit biting my nails took very little effort.

I actually looked up a lot of different ways to stop biting my nails too, and some of them seemed like great ideas. For example, I found out about this nail inhibitor that is supposed to make your nails taste awful, so every time you put your nails in your mouth it reminds you to stop. But, I never got around to trying this or any other technique.

So, if I didn’t try any of these techniques, how did I stop biting my nails? This may seem like a joke but all I did was cut my nails with a nail cutter.

I was sitting on my counter and I noticed that my nails were a little longer than usual (maybe I didn’t bite them for a couple days). But, instead of biting them, I reached for my nail cutter and cut them.

I started doing this every time my nails grew in a little. If they were long enough to cut, I would grab a nail cutter and cut them. By doing this, I made sure I had nothing to chew on when I got the urge to do bite them later on.

It didn’t even take me that long to stop my habit. After a couple weeks, I completely lost the urge to bite my nails and I haven’t bit them since.

It was just as easy for me to stop my habit as it was for me to start it!

If you are trying to stop your nail biting habit, try out what I did and let me know how it works.

Or, if you have your own story about how you quit your nail biting habit, share it in the comments!


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