3 Things You Don’t Realize Are Damaging Your Teeth


We all want to protect our teeth. After all, they aren’t able to repair themselves if damaged. But, there are some things you could be doing that are harming your teeth no matter how good your oral hygiene is.

Here are three common habits from the American Dental Association that harm your teeth:

1. Chewing on Ice

Chewing on ice can be very tempting. Especially when you just finish your ice cold drink and an ice cube finds its way into your mouth. Instinctively, you start chewing on it without thinking of any consequences.

It turns out that this can be really bad for your teeth. According to Dr. Matthew Messina, both your tooth enamel and ice is a crystal. And when you put two crystals together, one has to break. Although, the ice cube breaks most of the time, there is still a chance your tooth or a filling can break.

2. Using Your Teeth As A Tool

How many times have you used your teeth to open a bag of potato chips, unscrew a bottle, straighten a bent fork, or even hold something when your hands were full? All of these things puts you at risk for cracking your teeth, injuring your jaw or accidentally swallowing something you shouldn’t, says the American Dental Association.

Your teeth were made for eating, not as an accessory tool. So, next time you are in a situation where you need a tool, remember that it is probably worth it to take the extra time to find one.

3. Biting Your Nails

There’s plenty of reasons why people bite their nails. A lot of the time, it is because someone is stressed or nervous. According to Dr. Ruchi Sahota, a nail biting habit can chip your teeth and impact your jaw.

Not only that, it is simply unpleasant to look at.

Source: American Dental Association


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