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4 Things to Keep in Mind for Halloween


Halloween is almost here, which means a lot of free candy for everyone! But, there are some things you should keep in mind to prevent any dental problems.

5 Reasons You Should Start Every Day With a Smile


Smiling isn’t hard. Almost everyone does it, especially when it is deserved. Most people smile when they see their best friends or when someone tells a good joke. But what about when there is no reason to smile? Is there any point in smiling then?

Why You Should Chew Gum After Eating


A lot of people are fans of chewing gum. And there are plenty of reasons to like it. Some people think it helps them calm their nerves so they chew it when they are nervous. And, some people simply like the taste of it. Whatever the case is, chewing gum can have some pretty cool benefits.

How to Avoid Mid-Day Naps


Are you a napper? From what I have seen, napping doesn’t work for everyone. I know some people who will sleep for 30 minutes and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. At the same time, I know people who will sleep the whole day away if they try taking a nap.

3 Mistakes You Are Probably Making When Flossing


Flossing your teeth is important. In fact, it could be just as important as brushing your teeth. According to Dr. Burhenne from Ask the Dentist, brushing your teeth is only doing 50% of the job at best. The rest comes from flossing. But, it is also important to floss correctly. Here are a few mistakes you might be making:

How to Tell If You Have Bad Breath


Having bad breath can be very frustrating. The worst part about it is you probably won’t even know if you have it unless someone points it out, which can be very embarrassing. If you are lucky, someone will tell you in private. But that is not always the case.

5 Mistakes You Are Making When Brushing Your Teeth


How hard can brushing be? By now, you have probably been brushing your teeth for at least 20 years, making it second nature to you at this point. But, dental experts still say that improper brushing is more common than most people realize.

3 Tips For Going to School With Braces


Going back to school can be a fun, yet stressful process. But, adding braces to the mix can just make things even more stressful. On top of wondering how people are going to react to your new look, you will probably have to make some changes to your daily routine.

How You Can Get Rid of Your Nail Biting Habit


When it comes to pointing out why people bite their nails, it can be pretty difficult. There are a variety of reasons that cause people to develop a nail biting habit and most people won’t even realize it as it is happening.

Mechanical vs. Normal Toothbrush – Which is Better?

Electric toothbrush head

Mechanical toothbrushes have recently grown in popularity, but many people still stick with a manual toothbrush, believing it works just as well. If you regularly brush your teeth (which I hope everyone reading this does), you are probably wondering if it is worth it to buy an electric toothbrush.